Credit Transaction Advisory

Independent and personal advice

We structure credits purely according to your needs and based on your interests.

Unleash the full potential of your assets

We leverage your complete asset pool and provide an optimal credit solution based on securities and less liquid assets such as art or privately held firms.

We spare you time

We filter potential lenders for you. Having decades of experience in the financial industry we have a profound understanding of lenders credit appetites and information requirements.

Negotiations with lenders

The easiest solution might not be the best. We have access to various and alternative lenders and will negotiate in your interest.

Ongoing management of your credit portfolio

Focus on your core business and let us handle the financing. We stay on your side and support you during prolongations, credit reviews and new business.

Service for Borrowers -
Our Capabilities

Credit Consultancy for Lenders

Credit expertise on-demand

We enable your organization to structure complex lending facilities without increasing your running costs.

Independent Due diligence

We independently assess the borrower's personal balance sheet, income situation as well as the collateral pool among industry standard or your individual risk catalogue.

Independet advice on credit structure

We advice you on how to structure and implement the loan in a way that your risks are mitigated.


We're ablte to compare your loan structure to "best market" practice in terms of pricing, riskiness and setup.

Enhance client experience

In case a client demand is outside your risk appetite we'll facilitate third-party solutions that can be offered to the client.

Services for Lenders -
Our Capabilities

Our Private Lending Product

The private lending market offers unique investment opportunities which are uncorrelated to the financial markets. Together with our Family Office Partner Zeltner&Co, Cresolutions is managing a Private Lending Product focused on bridge loans.

The Private Lending AMC pools investments to grant loans up to 3 years to wealthy private individuals or private investment companies (in case a personal guarantee is embedded) that have a net wealth of more than CHF 15 million and are domiciled in Western Europe. When granting loans, the AMC relies on personal recourse and therefore on the size and quality of personal balance sheets rather than specifically pledged assets.


About us

Cresolutions is a finance boutique specialized in lending, credit and finance services. We provide tailor made structuring services, independent credit advice, bridge solutions and CFO services on demand. Our clients are Entrepreneurs, Investors, Wealth Management Firms, Banks and Operational Companies. They trust in our long-term experience, high service quality, transparency and independency.

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